Huntingtin and Huntington's Disease

This website was produced as an assignment for Genetics 677 at UW-Madison Spring 2009

Gene Analysis

Overall Analysis

Lining up the different gene sequences from the huntingtin homologs using the nucleotide BLAST program showed a high level of similarity between most of the strands and the human counterpart.  The BLAST program was able to utilize the full DNA strand, which increased my confidence in the results, as some programs limited the use of the full strand due to its large size.    The similarity was confirmed matching up the mRNA strands as well, for the homologs without full DNA sequences.  The similarity seen betweeen homologs was confirmed in my phylogenetic analyisis of the gene.  The most divergent homolog from the tree, from Danio rerio, would not align correctly in the blast program with the human homolog.  The DNA motif programs were not especially informative, in this case.  While the Motif Search results gave 10 motifs at a cuttoff score of 100, I am not entirely sure any of the motifs indicate any true function of huntingtin.  The MEME program, similarly, gave graphically interesting results but alltogether may not be informative to venture a guess on the function of the protein.

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